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‘Assignment’ a word which is feared by number of students.

Assignment is basically a part, which is assigned to students as an integral part of their coursework. These assignments (homework) are usually designed to develop skills of students and students are deemed to show skills such as research skills, analytical skills, composition skills and as well as demonstration of  understanding and knowledge level in order to pass the assignment.

Well-written assignments are not normally produced overnight, it need to have an important focused stages, for instance planning, pre-writing stage etc.

There are a number of ways of writing an effective assignment. One could write without planning and one could write with a proper planning. However which ever selected it is solely depend upon the students’ capability or the requirements of the assignment.

Nevertheless, according to one source, “if there is no planning than there is no control and if there is no control than there is no planning”.

Below are the guidelines to write an effective assignment.

Document Plan

It is always better to make a thorough plan before doing something and similarly in assignments, planning is vital for its success. It is suggested that it is better to write up the plan over a piece of paper before doing anything else. Plan should be aimed to consider how and when to do things. Moreover, it should also include the details of research material availability, mode of collection of data, deadlines, keywords to considers and etc.

Collection of Data

Secondly, collection of data, knowing how to find information quickly and efficiently is a key skill. Therefore, after laying out the document plan, it is important that you should begin the next stage of your assignment as soon as possible which is ‘collection of data’. And, a good place to start is to gather information by revisiting your lectures, module notes, and other course material. Further, if needed a student could also research over internet, e-newspapers, major articles and key authors’ studies to integrate the most authentic information/data in the assignment.

Preparing a Draft

Thirdly, a student can prepare a draft prior to start of the assignment. A ‘rough draft’ is the last stage before starting to write the final assignment.  What you can hope to produce in a draft is a rough version of how your final essay will look. Drafting helps you to build up an image, where you can analyze the weaknesses and strengths of your assignment, for instance, any important details that are miss out or any error that could lead to failure of assignment.

Additionally, given the time the student has, if there is a good deal of time left before submitting the assignment. A student can also re-draft the previous version of draft.


Writing the Final Version

Finally, the final version of the assignment. Writing up the final version is most important part in preparing the assignment. As you have gone through every step of the process, and if you compare with your document plan, the paper should have everything that is in the plan. Importantly in that process, a student should avoid making any major changes which affects the direction of the assignment, only minor errors should be corrected.

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