Benefits and Drawbacks of Internet Technology

Benefits and Drawbacks of Internet Technology | Done Assignment

Technology is a necessity to work, it contributes a vital role in maintaining human social life and it is a factor which everything appears more practical. For that reason more and more educational institutions are trying to integrate technology into their educational system. After all, if computers are the way to pave the future, educational institutions must make sure that students know how to use them.

These days, it is not a surprise to see a child with a laptop in their school bag. Some elite class schools even require their students to have their own laptop. Acceptable, so what appears to be the big problematic issue with e-learning?

The current article talks about some advantages and drawbacks of computers, the Internet and e-learning.


  • Computers assist students as well as professional personnel to carry out their required tasks. Students need to complete their academic writing tasks, like essays, reports and other assignments. And everybody should at least know how to use word processing applications and develop a decent presentation slide show.
  •  The World Wide Web (WWW) is perhaps the largest database. You can save enough money as you do not really have to buy a costly encyclopaedia, books, and magazines to do some research. Then again all this information will be practically unusable, mainly if people do not know how to properly access it and take benefit of it. Therefore, learning and knowing about the Internet in schools is essential for students.
  • Believe it or not, the use of the Internet for the daily life tasks, such as shopping, deposit money into your bank account, etc., cannot be denied. It has a huge impact on the environment as it greatly minimised the use of carbon, a contaminant atmospheric known paper and also minimises our need to cut trees.
  • The internet can also be a good way of communication with each other. Even in the discussion boards within the schools or in educational chat rooms, a student can get a comprehensive knowledge of diverse cultural patterns. In this way, students can assist one another while performing their own duties.


  • Showing too much information with various sources can be quite perplexing for a student who varies out research. The worst factor is that you can locate sources with conflicting information. Ascertain what is fact from fiction can be quite complex. You can even turn to your books just to check.
  •  People lose the opportunity to have face to face or direct communication. Most of the parents frequently complain about this concern. Instead of spending best time with their family members, relatives or friends, it frustrates them to see their children spend much time on the computer to play online games. This is also recognised to minimise the development of skills as well. Spending more than enough time on the computer and the Internet causes of childhood obesity.
  •  If not controlled, the Internet, the same tool of e-learning can possibly corrupt the children’s minds. Internet also gives them information that is supposed to be highly restricted to persons of legal age. They can simply get into porn websites deprived of your knowledge.


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