Different Nursing Careers

Different Nursing Careers | Done-Assignment UK

There are different nursing career and the area of ​​health care is not simply confined to hospitals or nursing homes.

The following paragraphs of the article discuss the different types of nursing careers.

The Travelling Nurse

The travelling nurse is free to choose his/her own work as well as the place of employment. In case the number of hospital’s cases is higher than normal or when there are a lot more patients, hospitals frequently have a contract with travelling nurses. The pay of a travelling nurse is more than the normal in-house nurse, but as it is not used by a provider or institution, it may not have the identical benefits of a registered nurse that enjoys the holidays.

The Home Nurse

This career of nursing comprises home based patient care. Treating the patients three times a week, supervising and administering medication and the overall health progress of a patient as well as consultation and communication with a physician are the basic responsibilities of a home nurse.

The Hospice Nurse

People who prefer this nursing career combine the dedication and skill to relieve the suffering of their patients in professional manners. Giving health care to patients is not unusual for a hospice nurse. In hospitals, patients are almost always those that are not anticipated to live much longer than they are the ones who frequently suffer from incurable diseases. In addition to caring for his/her patients three times a week, a hospice nurse also supports in terms of and responsible for providing comfort and emotional assistance to the patients as well as their family members.

Nursing in Accreditation Agencies

Nursing career that aims to maintain the high standards of the nursing profession can also be found in the different accreditation bodies. There are nurses who contribute the major parts in the judicial committees considering applications for licensing of the nurses. They assist write the regulations for the maintenance of credentials that certified nurses must meet. Whenever required, they partake in the arbitration of other nurses who have filed complaints against them.

Nursing in Insurance Company

Moreover, a nurse can find his or her nursing career in an insurance company. In an insurance company, the work of a nurse is to scrutinise applications filed by the patients, tests carried out by doctors or prescribed medical treatment and intervention. In this domain, the major task of the nurse is to validate that the doctor’s prescribed treatment is included in the mandate of the policy for it to be covered in part or in full by the insurance company. An insurance agency will make sure that nurses and doctors follow all the relevant procedures as defined by the company’s policy and all the associated costs will be covered by insurance.

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