How the internet has changed our Lives and Businesses

Internet has changed our Lives | Done Assignment

Since the arrival of cellphones and its successful transition to smartphones, the internet has revolutionized.  The rationality behind this is that the internet is changing and providing alternatives in our life and in our businesses that we have not imagined before.

There are various example of how our lives are better and easier because of the internet. For instance, students from different part of the world can take online classes whenever they want, further people use online banking to transfer money, buy clothes and food from websites. These all are an opportunity that many would not have had if it were not for the internet.

Further, through the internet, just a few clicks of the mouse can expose to the vast amount of information. If we need to review some product or find a new recipe of a new dish or simply want to learn more about some new discovery, then we turn to the internet.  Same things would have been very time consuming and expensive if the internet was not available, because individuals had to find all this information from newspaper, books and articles.  Similarly, in line of business, companies can buy products and material online, thus saving money.

Online reference books and dictionaries replace the way to the bookshop or to going to the library. It is again cheaper to search for information on the internet than to buy a book.  Further, individuals can read daily newspapers from all over the world. In addition, you can even search for old articles on any newspaper’s website.

The internet is much cheaper than the real life, for example telephoning your friend who lives abroad would be very costly, as compared to chatting/video conferencing with him online. Moreover, email has replaced the traditional letters and telegrams. E-mails are much faster, reliable, and cheaper and ability to store high amount information as compared to traditional letter and telegrams.

Small and big companies both use the internet for advertising.  A lot of businesses have their own websites with different ads. This generates good solid income for the company.  Moreover, same businesses can also go to different forums and website to put their advertisements, however, they need to pay for this advertisement.

Further, due tough economic conditions and high employment rate, many businesses have shifted their operations online. People can still operate their business, without internet this was not possible. Therefore internet has made things very easy and has brought ideas and innovation by doing things.

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