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Interview tips for Employers | Done Assignment


In the early days of running your own entrepreneurial business, it is normal to try to do everything in most cost-effective and comfortable ways. But as the business grows, it is crucial to make wise and sensible decisions, even it is a little bit expensive as compared to past decisions. For instance, an owner cannot oversee all operations of marketing therefore he/she hired a high salaried experience marketing manager.

Similarly, in  big corporations, selecting the wrong candidate directs to unwelcome cost to employers, however, as compared to entrepreneurial business, big companies usually have a human resource department, who analyse and assess any potential candidate before hiring.

Below are the general tips on how to conduct the interview, for both entrepreneurial and big companies;

  • Always hire smart people; each business big or small should always look to hire an employee who would increase the overall company’s average IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Employers should assess and select only those candidates CV which would benefit the company in the short term and long term.
  • Use “behaviour description interviewing” techniques; after selecting the individual for an interview, it is important to use a variety of interviewing techniques in order to find the potential skills. There are many techniques; however, one which is widely used is “behaviour description” technique. In this, interview sessions are based on discovering how the interviewee acted in specific employment-related situations. The logic behind is this, that their statements and stories would reveal their abilities, skills and values. For instance, you might ask marketing manager, how he managed the constraints while setting up the budget in the previous company.  The answer might provide how skillful he is.
  • Making sure that the individual is right for the job; this can be evaluated through close ended knowledge based questions. It is essential that selected individual is the right man for the job. If the job is for the marketing manager, and the potential interviewee does not know what the 4Ps of marketing are, then it is better to deselect him/her after finishing the interview.
  • Using open ended questions techniques; these usually involve unstructured questions (open-ended questions) with different possible answers. Questions can be knowledge based or it could be constructed to view individual capabilities. For instance, why did you pursue a marketing career?
  • Communication in the interview; interview questions can also judge how an individual could react in crisis situations. Most of the candidates are always in pressure and tense when having an interview. For instance, if the individual is very nervous and shaky while communicating, then it is highly probable he/she would act the same when any crisis situation is imposed on him/her. 

Between interviews, the employer should take the time to take brief notes, for instance, writing up any potential skills that an interviewee has. Interviews are an exercise which assesses potential candidates and decisions should only be evaluated and made when all candidates are interviewed.




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