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“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty, anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young”.

The world relies on its people, advancements are apparent where the people are upright. Today’s youth is tomorrow’s citizens. We pay attention to every detail for child development, as everything does not come from birth. Personality, in particular, as it shapes into different forms throughout the lifespan of an individual. No one knows everything.

However, one can only gain knowledge efficiently when his/her mind is open. The mind needs to remain like a calm lake, but need to ensure that it is optimistic. Additionally, there should be as eager to learn.  These are basic requirements for someone to learn knowledge.

Coming back to words that Henry Ford, learning has no limit, and can be argued to be a lifelong process. There is no age barrier for learning. Even when you are old and nearly retired, you can learn different skills.

Being knowledgeable is the corner stone to become skilled and confident. Moreover, this develops awareness, understandability, and execution of various related tasks.  Although, this road of learning knowledge could be a challengeable task due to outside forces and your own attitude. These forces could be defined as time, cost, responsibilities, whereas attitude refers to lacking of motivation to learn.

Similarly, a person with a good profession can also pursue a different set of skills and gain knowledge about it, because it would be beneficial for him/her, for example, a surgeon, did a course of business management to learn how to manage his health care centre.

Further, it is essential not only to learn a particular set of skills for some reason which benefits in monetary terms, a person can learn for personal awareness or ambitions. “Ambitions are never content, even on the summit of greatness”, Napoleon once wrote, meaning there is no end, even if you have achieved your goals, there is still space for becoming more successful. In other words, learning knowledge do not have timeline, and it is not possible for someone to know everything.

Nevertheless, with technological development, the introduction of online learning systems has enhanced the capability of individuals to learn anything from anywhere. Considering the example about the surgeon, it can be impossible for him to personally enrol to any university due to his line of work, but due to online learning facilities he can learn business management course with a great deal of flexibility at his health care centre.

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