Man is the architect of his own fate: “Fortune Favors the Bold”

Fortune Favors the Bold | Done Assignment


There is an ancient proverb that says “if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”.

There is no doubt that all human beings are the “supreme” creation of God, but persons fate lay in his own hands. Everyone is born to attain his own fortune. The man has ability to make its own destiny through hard work, dedication, determination and devotion in his life.

There will be a time when the person’s expectations wouldn’t match the way he/she wants, and those times would be the hardest time in one’s life, but sooner or later things would get normal, to an extent where person thinks it’s normal. The key is to have patience, determination and devotion to the goals one sets. For instance, if a student fails in the final examinations, instead of hollering his failure, if he steadfast with his patience and learn from his mistakes and try again with determination and devotion that he would pass, his effort will soon bore fruits.

There are famous examples in past and present, where continuous efforts were soon turned into successful careers. There were often successful people who failed sometimes more than once. Thomas Edison’s teachers told him he was not bright to learn anything. However, he went on to invent some world-changing devices like electrical lamp, movie camera and etc. Moreover, Henry Ford failed a couple of automobile business before he founded Ford Motor Company which forever changes the outlook of the automotive industry. Further, Einstein, Isaac Newton, founder of KFC, Steven Spielberg these are all famous examples, who succeed not on basis of their blood but on the basis of their ability.

Nevertheless, there is one school of thought which is empowered by age of spirituality, that whatever you do, you cannot get more than those God already settled for you.  “There is a divinity that shapes our end” Shakespeare once wrote, meaning we think we control our destiny, but it is not, divine power watches over us and takes control and decides the results.

However, this school of thought conflicts with the ancient proverb that I mentioned in the start of this blog. The current age of science suggest that it is true that there are some divine powers which exist in this universe, but it doesn’t control one’s success and failure. Similarly, in my point of view, I think it’s a balance of divine powers and human capability to work hard for success. It is up to the individual what he/ she chooses in his life as “Fortune always favors the Bold”.

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