Tips for getting a job while studying abroad

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There are two obvious benefits to work and study simultaneously – the additional money and work experience. Some of the students take a job for the challenge, some freelance their services for work experience, and some get part-time employments as they need or want a little extra money. Managing job and school work simultaneously will surely be exhausting and even if you are studying in a foreign country. However, the advantages will be absolutely rewarding if you take this challenge.

Depending on the country where you are studying, your student visa prevents you from doing a professional job. Foreign students who plan to work abroad should thoroughly check the immigration laws of the country. Once you are permitted to work in a legal manner as a foreign student, here are three most common and popular approach to earn extra money to support yourself while studying abroad.

Part-time Employment

Part time employments are the most energy-sapping, but also the most financially lucrative options for foreign students. The most coveted choice will get a stable part-time job in a related domain; however, this is rare unless you have connections. Sub-items are usually full-time employments as they need much time to learn. Employers also need their assistants to assist on a full time basis with the functions of their business.

However, if you are just making plans to have an additional amount on the consistent basis while you study, simple jobs in the fields of sales, data entry, or telecommunications will suit you. These types of jobs are generally found in the job portals or classifieds on the Web.


Internship is another option for foreign students. This option gives you the maximum level of experience and exposure to the areas of your relevant diploma or degree. Nevertheless, the pay is quite low and you cannot ask for breaks. Some of the schools conduct internship programs as a module to enhance their students’ employability.

For an internship, you will need to write a good resume as a strong portfolio with your best work. Once you have that ready, seeking reliable organisations, and then send your actual resume and portfolio according to their direction! You must include a cover letter stating your overall interest and reasons for wanting to join them.

Freelance Jobs

To be independent, you will need the fundamental capability of producing a professional project from head to tail. And to prove that, you will need an impressive portfolio, what you need for an internship.

Students with extraordinary expertise in the areas of sales, photography, graphic design, etc., can get freelance employments quite easily. This nature of jobs can be found on job portals and classified ads easily. If you are enterprising enough, you can design or write your own ads to promote your services.

However, studying and working at the same time in a foreign country lets you to meet people from diverse industry and build business contacts in that country. Your skills to manage your work and studies reveal employers that you are a hard worker who can serve the organisation’s interests very well.

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