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College and university life is the most enjoyable period of time for the students. This is the time when you learn new things in your life from your college or university. It is the time when you want to be on the top of the world and distinguish from other students studying in your campus. Like you, every student wants to become famous in their classes, crushes, sports, fights, love and other curriculum activities of their campus. However, it is only possible by some practices, including self-confidence and involvement. If you want to become popular among your college and university mates then drive through the popular advises given below:

Achieve straight A’s

Popularity in college isn’t just achieved by style, but also by achieving straight A’s. Instead, it is the fastest and everlasting way of becoming a popular student of a college or university. Normally we see the name of the toppers written on the wall of the college and university. So, it proves that this is the best way to become popular by scoring deserving grades. If you want to score good grades in your college or university, then you must attend all your class lectures. Organize your class lectures properly and try to memorize them as early as possible.


Stand out of the crowd

Popular People have one common thing that they are standing out from common people. So if you want to become a campus boy then you need to enhance some special skills to perform your best in each and every campus ongoing activity. To secure top positions in your campus activities and update your profile with the titles you named for in your college or university. Remember students will only know you by the talent you possess so get ready for every adventure.

Be Confident

This is a very important skill which every student needs to build in order to become famous. No one will know you unless you promote yourself with the help of your confidence. If you have an extra-ordinary confidence level so it’s not a big deal for you to be popular. The initial days of college or university are very vital, as this is a time when you can create an everlasting experience in the mind of your campus mates. Avail this opportunity and create an impression that reflects in the mind of your fellows for a lifetime.


This is not something everyone cannot win without extra efforts. Put on all of your efforts to get best position in your annual sports and become popular. Plus have a great time while practicing for sports day you get the opportunity to get expert advices in order to become successful. For a while imagine your college or university mates yelling your name and cheer up for you. Isn’t it cool?

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